Testing Testing

I’ve been feeling inspired. I’ve wanted to do self-portraits for while but I always shied away from the idea of doing somewhat glorified-high-quality selfies and actually sharing them. But I had a talk with myself and I thought about how many photographers that do it and I thought about how it allows you to sharpen your skills and I just thought it would be a good thing for me to try out, finally, instead of constantly thinking about it and not doing anything. I am trying as much as possible to shake that habit this year.

I was browsing YouTube when I came across a YouTuber that takes self-portraits for her work, in a very aesthetically pleasing and elegant way, and I was watching her video on how she does it and she mentioned some app she used for her camera and it quickly dawned on me that I should be able to use the same app as we have the same brand camera. And that was it. That was was how at like 2AM in the morning I had decided that later on that day, I was going to try out the app and take some photos. So, I did at around 9AM, I took the photos below. I’ve officially gone from being very reluctant to take and share pictures of myself (outside of Snapchat) to showing you my morning face. Progress.