I went through a phase of questioning how can I change my work? How can I improve it? Make it look or feel different. And I consulted Google and found loads of techniques and things that you could do that will sell dreams and provide illusions with basic stuff you'd find at home. So I did exactly that.

People always have that thing or things that they really want to do, like visit a certain country or go on a specific ride at a theme park or watch something in the theatre. And I'm sure most creatives or people in their respective fields, have goals/dreams/ambitions/ something that they want to accomplish within their area. The below photos were something I wanted to do as a photographer: a study.

Looking back or anything synonymous to this phrase often has negative connotations. Like the whole idea that you're not focused on the present or you're holding onto something in your past/dwelling in the past etc. but there are times when it is advised. There are times when it is healthy and beneficial to look back and that is what this post is attempting to celebrate.