Looking Back

Looking back or anything synonymous to this phrase often has negative connotations. Like the whole idea that you’re not focused on the present or you’re holding onto something in your past/dwelling in the past etc. but there are times when it is advised. There are times when it is healthy and beneficial to look back and that is what this post is attempting to celebrate.

The below photos were taken in 2016 and in the summer they will be three years old. Which may be a long time to some and not a long time to some. For me, I’m not sure…it feels like a long time but at the same time, it feels quite recent?

With some of the current work that I’m doing and still working on this website, I have had to look back at quite a lot of the work that I have done, in the past, and it’s amazing to see my growth and to also see what I was actually capable of doing at that time. In 2016, I feel like I was still finding my footing, so much more trial and error and experimenting and not being sure what would be produced, just winging it. And it looks like it paid off to be honest…

Honestly, when I was browsing through my Lightroom library and my hard drive, I saw a lot of my work that I was happy with. I didn’t have this strong desire to re-edit most of the photos or trash them all together and that’s progress for me. Huge progress.