Wheatacre Hall Barns

When I went through the photos I was going to select for this post, I had two main thoughts.

  1. I felt like these were catalogue style photos or the type of photos you take when you’re at some art gallery which, I must admit, I wasn’t entirely sure I liked…
  2. Details.

I say details because that’s what I, unintentionally, focused on when I took the photographs. All the art pieces around the barns, the décor, the places where the light comes through and hit. They’re all the minute things that some may overlook or just not pay that much attention to which is funny given that it’s the details that contribute to the whole thing. If the art pieces weren’t there, the flowers, weren’t there, if the eggs were not being held by a metal wire chicken we may not have stayed here, it may have had a more sterile and cold feel. In a nutshell, I’m just saying it’s good to appreciate the details no matter how minute they may be.